On track pa rin tayo -- Marcial

July 28, 2020
Willie Marcial

NOTWITHSTANDING a brief delay in their target date to return to the hardcourt for limited training sessions under strict health protocols, PBA commissioner Willie Marcial remains confident of seeing  Season 45 resume and eventually finish in what is considered as the most difficult year for Asia's first pro basketball league.

In September , the league's board of governors gather again with the fate of the Philippine Cup, formerly the All-Filipino Conference, the most important matter up for discussion in the highly-awaited meeting.

"On track pa rin tayo," said Marcial, thankful on the release of the Inter Agency Task Force's Joint Administrative Order (JAO) Monday, officially allowing the PBA and the professional football a gradual return to training.

Marcial is hoping now that all the teams are able to keep their respective "bubbles" intact while returning to non-scrimmage workouts. And everyone is hoping this could lead to the next step of a more active training then hopefully scrimmages in the next few weeks.

But the first order is for all the members of the 12 teams to undertake swab testing.

Once cleared, the teams can start sweating it out by small batches as per the guidelines and protocol approved by the IATF.

With the practices just starting in August, the PBA board is likely to push back to September its decision on the fate of Season 45.

There's no doubt, though, that just about everyone is for the league resumption, but there's the paramount concern for the safety of all concerned.

"When I was chairing the meeting, the mood was very upbeat and I felt everybody amongst the governors were eager and ready to work, get back to court and help get the PBA running ASAP," said PBA chairman Ricky Vargas, shortly after the most previous board meeting.

PBA officials, coaches and players feel the league can provide inspiration and hope - and not just entertainment - if the league is able to resume play.