UCFC roster for AFC Cup finalized

UNITED City Football Club has completed its line-up as it now focusing on the resumption of the coronavirus-stalled AFC Cup in Vietnam next month.

UCFC co-founder Eric Gottschalk yesterday said that the club's roster has been finalized with 16 players coming from defunct Ceres-Negros FC and has 21 players in all.

Also, the team on standby for resumption of practices, especially with Metro Manila and its nearby provinces yesterday has reverted to a more relaxed general community quarantine (GCQ).

"The team is getting workouts done under the circumstances. Potential option on the table is to do overseas training if situation calls for it. All dependent on AFC preparations," said Gottschalk.

"I am sure the players are mature enough with their routines," he added.

The club has already agreed in principle with a head coach, but Gottschalk did not disclosed the name of UCFC's first-ever mentor.  The formal announcement could come in the next couple of days.

Risto Vidakovic, the Serbian coach who had a successful run in the Philippine club tournaments, announced last week that he won't be returning as UCFC mentor.

"On the coaching position, Risto has done so much. For us, it's the time to look forward as we have a new identity," said Gottschalk.

"We looked for a coach that has experience and authority that would get the respect of the players from Day 1. We looked for a coach that can integrate the team’s younger players," he added.