Velayo: Wrong to expel us

November 30, 2018

ARNIS Philippines,Inc. (ARPI), led  by president Raymond Velayo, vowed to challenge the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC)  leadership and continue to fight for due process.

In the recent ARPI press conference held at the historic Club Filipino in San Juan, Velayo cited Section 6 of the POC by-laws to challenge ARPI’s expulsion from the Olympic family.

“There is no valid reason to remove us and there is no basis for the revocation of ARPI’s membership”, said Velayo, referring to the POC General Assembly in Pasig City last Nov.  22.

Velayo and his fellow officers claimed  membership of the NSA in the POC shall cease only  (a) upon disbandment of the NSA; (b) upon expulsion for non-payment of annual subscription for three  consecutive years; (c) expulsion of the NSA by its international federation or ( d) infringement of the POC by-laws and Olympic charter.

“Based on Section 6,there is no valid  reason to  remove us at all,” said Velayo.

“They said the General Assembly voted 39 out 43 against us. How can it  be when there  were only 25 voting members present in  the GA,” added Velayo.

Also present during the press  conference    were former Philippine  Olympic Committee  (POC)  president Jose “Peping” Cojuangco  and  ARPI  vice president and lawyer  Ramon Rodrigo.

Cojuangco  offered  to mediate  between  Velayo  and the  rival arnis  group,  headed by Sen. Migs Zubiri.

“Both of them  (Velayo and Zubiri) are my good friends,  so I  think I can talk to both of  them   and  find a win-win  solution,” added Cojuangco.

Cojuangco, however, lamented  the fact that  most of his supporters  in  the  last POC  election  are  now   being singled out by the new POC leadership.