NCAA: Senior players may still stay for 1 more year

SENIOR student-athletes who will be affected by the possible cancellation of NCAA Season 95 second semester events due to the COVID-19 pandemic are still hoping to extend their respective collegiate careers.

The league is looking to extend their eligibility of those affected players who are on their final year.

“If it's your final year, and in the event that you didn’t get to play if the season is cancelled, you still have one more year to play,” said NCAA Management Committee chairman Peter Cayco in a radio interview over the weekend.

The Management Committee last week recommended to the league's Policy Board the cancellation of the season.  The NCAA has halted all sporting events last Feb. 14.

Cayco clarified that it will only be applicable to those playing in sports directly affected if the league decides to call off the season.

Athletes from volleyball, football and lawn tennis tournaments, which were supposed to be into the homestretch of their respective seasons, as well as beach volleyball, cheerleading and athletics competitions, which has yet to start, will get the extension.  

“Those who have completed given na. Like in basketball, taekwondo, swimming, yung mga yun tapos na eh. So tumakbo na ang playing year nila,” said Cayco.

Only those seniors who will meet the eligibility requirements including the age limit of 25-years old are allowed to play for another season.

“You can still play but we still have to clarify about the age issue,” said Cayco. “If you are still within the playing [age] allowed, you can still play your final year.”

The league tried to restart yesterday after more than a month of hiatus but last week, the NCAA announced that all league activities are suspended until further notice.