Ekster ultra slim trackable smart wallets: The next generation pocket secretary, best buddy

November 08, 2018
Ekster Ultra-slim Smart Wallets

A feel of the future with the flick of a finger

NEVER lose your wallet or phone with Ekster ultra slim trackable smart wallets with instant card access.

Innovatively Dutch-designed, this next generation wallet fits best into the most modern and upbeat  lifestyles. Over five million happy users — and still counting—  would gladly attest to this.

Ekster offers the new pocket secretary, bodyguard and best friend rolled into one. It gives a feel of the future with a just a flick of a finger.

The ultra-slim smart wallet has QUICK CARD ACCESS which  allows access to cards with the click of a button, using an improved patent pending mechanism, RFID BLOCKING, protecting cards from wireless skimming and private data theft and a REMOVABLE TRACKER CARD which keeps track of the smart wallet's location. The tracker card also  enables the cosmopolitan consumer to ring his phone when lost. And it RUNS ON SOLAR ENERGY which only requires three hours of light to last a full month.

Ekster smart wallets are the perfect combination of style, security, as well as convenience and have been engineered for the ultimate payment experience.

The trackers are connected to the TrackR® Crowd-GPS network. The separation alert lets you know if you have left your wallet behind. The app remembers the last place you had it and allows you to track it on a map. So, lost your wallet? Just ring it. Lost your phone? Just ring your wallet.

It’s that easy, amusing and fun. Just like the latest toy for the big boy. And now also the ‘uber’ leather for the ‘it’ girl.

Parliament Wallet

The Senate Cardholder is a secured credit card holder for the minimalists out there. It offers room for 7+ cards/cash and has integrated RFID protection to keep your cards and personal information safe. The cash-strap and pocket-strap allow for large sums of cash or card storage without adding significant bulk to your RFID blocking card holder.

The Parliament Wallet is a luxurious leather bi-fold wallet for those who want maximum storage and minimum bulk. It features room for 9+ cards, an elastic multi-purpose strap and a scanner card pocket. The wallet offers RFID protection for up to  six cards in its quick access card slider system.

Senate + Tracker

The Senate + Tracker is a card holder with crowd GPS for the minimalists out there who seek security. It offers room for 7+ cards/cash and RFID protection for 6 cards. It comes with a solar-powered Tracker Card.

The Parliament + Tracker is a leather smart wallet with crowd GPS for those who seek minimum bulk and full security. It offers room for 9+ cards/cash, RFID protection for 6 cards and a solar-powered Tracker Card.

Ekster Tracker Card

The Ekster Tracker Card is the first ever tracking device powered by ultra-slim solar panels. It belongs to the smallest of crowd GPS tracking devices to date with worldwide coverage and is powered by TrackR® Technology.

The luxury Ekster iPhone case is perfect for those who like to keep it minimal and slim. It offers room for 1 scanner card and space for emergency cash. Additionally, this iPhone wallet case has integrated slots that hold a reset pin and an extra sim card. Works for iPhones 6, 7, and 8.

The Pocket Strap is a multi-purpose storage strap designed specifically for the Senate cardholder. This stretchy storage strap allows for large sums of cash or card storage without adding significant bulk to your cardholder. The back pocket is perfectly fit to store the Ekster Tracker Card or any scanner card of choice.

The Cash Strap is a multi-purpose storage strap designed specifically for the Senate cardholder. This stretchy storage strap allows for large sums of cash or card storage without adding significant bulk to your cardholder.

These top-rated products are handcrafted from the highest quality genuine leather available in Europe, are smooth and sexy with the finest stitching. Ekster’s tanneries serve only top-of-the-line luxury leather brands.

Eckster’s wallets and leather products have  received a perfect 4.7 stars rating based on 802 reviews.

This coolest secretary-cum-best buddy is also the most popular choice because it saves precious time and pocket space. The chic smart card slider trigger makes all cards come out neatly organized with just the quick flick of a finger.

Trailblazing innovations for 2019

This revolutionary wallet promises more trailblazing features and improvements for 2019 cash and credit card carriers.

To meet changing demands and constantly evolving lifestyles, Ekster has created an Alexa and Google Assistant Integration, worldwide lost and found, extended BLE range, upgraded solar panel, two-month battery life, twice the charging speed and two times louder ringer.

But the surprises just won’t end. Ekster has completely redesigned the wallet mechanism with a slimmer profile, easier card access, smoother ejection, fool-proof durability and sleeker look and feel.

Leader of the leather pack’s most exciting wallet

The leader of the leather pack's most awesome game changer for 2019 is Ekster’s slimmest wallet yet: the Secretary Cardholder. It comes in three powerful colors: juniper green, merlot red and blush beige.

Ekster offers online shopping, free shipping on orders above $50, free returns on orders above $50 in the United States and EU and 12 months warranty on all products.

For latest updates and details, visit ekster.com.