Location based treasure hunt, Global APP "mit Treasure Hunter" will be released soon

March 29, 2019
mit Treasure Hunter

SEOUL, South Korea -- Stargram Global (CEO KJ Kim) announced that their Dapp, mit Treasure Hunter, an entertainment platform that users can use to find treasures in real time and win rewards, is set to be released in late May.

mit Treasure Hunter is a Dapp that sends the treasure location and product information to users. Participants who solve the mission and arrive at the location receive a reward barcode, which can be redeemed instantly at a nearby convenience store or other designated place depending on the type of reward.

Providing an entertaining experience and instant rewards, 'mit Treasure Hunter' is expected to gain explosive popularity from users around the world.

mit Treasure Hunter which was originally demoed in Vietnam, cooperated with idol star agencies to hide albums and products in landmark areas and directed participants via mit messenger. For example, one event took place in a large department store in Ho Chi Minh. 100 signed albums were scattered and participants followed instructions received through mit messenger to locate and retrieve them.

CEO KJ Kim said "mit Treasure Hunter has been developed as a global platform that can maximize the enjoyment, reward and advertisement effects," and "it can be the local target promotion for a new idol group seeking an opportunity to enter the overseas market and for product promotion for companies that want to enter the global market." He also said "the advertiser can launch their ads clearly and easily pay the ad cost with tokens".

"mit Treasure Hunter, which has set up a global service strategy is also planning a cultural Treasure Hunt, which will present stars at the center of the Korean wave through collaboration, fan events such as signings, free hugs, promotions and goodies," said CEO KJ Kim, explaining the future plans for the Dapp.

Source : Stargram Global