Megaxus Launches Fatal Raid: SEA Invasion in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines

January 29, 2019
Megaxus Infotech - Fatal Raid
Fatal Raid: SEA Invasion is now available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore.

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Southeast Asia games publishing and development company, PT Megaxus Infotech (Megaxus) launched a new mobile game titled "Fatal Raid: SEA Invasion". The First-Person Shooter (FPS) game is now available in 4 countries in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines.

"The Southeast Asia gamers love to compete against each other while having fun. Fatal Raid: SEA Invasion provides fast-paced gameplay with various PVP competition. We are confident gamers will love Fatal Raid: SEA Invasion," said Bambang Budiman, Senior Content Manager of PT Megaxus Infotech. "With its competitive gameplay, Fatal Raid: SEA Invasion can attract many e-Sport followers and competitors in Southeast Asia," he continued.

The game was also featured in Google Play Pre-registration from 18 January 2019 to 25 January 2019. Fatal Raid: SEA Invasion provides various game modes such as Story Mode, Challenge Modes (Charge Mode, Defense Mode, Raid Mode, Coliseum), PVP Modes (Practice, Team Deathmatch, Bombing, 1 vs 1, Handgun/Sniper Match, Survival, Ranked PVP). The game is packed with features such as weapons and armors collection and upgrade, characters upgrade, Clan, and more.

In Fatal Raid:SEA Invasion, gamers can choose from a massive selection of weapons, each with their own speciality, which gives more dynamics to the gameplay. The game also offers selection of difficulty levels, which enable the game to be enjoyed by novice gamers, as well as by more experienced gamers. Despite the high quality graphic that the game offers, it doesn't require high spec devices to run it.

"We hope that Fatal Raid: SEA Invasion can give a new FPS experience for gamers in Southeast Asia . We will continue to provide best contents and service for our loyal users," closed Bambang.


About Megaxus Infotech
PT Megaxus Infotech is a games company in Indonesia since 2006. The company presents the best and innovative products and services to the gamers. Megaxus' games: Audition AyoDance, Lineage II, WarRock, Grand Chase, Counter-Strike Online, SD Gundam Online, AyoOke, Heroes of Atarsia, World In AyoDance, Royal Master, Princess Rush, Rhythm N Joy, Closers Online, Bakso Horror, Combo Rush, Audition AyoDance Mobile and Fatal Raid: SEA Invasion. Most recently, Audition AyoDance Mobile has won Google Play Best of 2018 award in the category of Most Casual Game–Indonesia.

Source : Megaxus Infotech