Tencent Cloud Korea Conference Showcases the Latest in Game Globalization Solutions

November 16, 2018
Tencent Cloud
Tencent Cloud Korea Conference

BUSAN, South Korea -- Tencent, a leading internet services provider, held its Tencent Cloud Korea Conference in Busan, South Korea, on November 14, 2018, to showcase its latest industry solutions developed based on its extensive partnerships with global game companies. Dao Feng, Vice President of Tencent Cloud, and Joannie Kwon, CEO of SKY addressed hundreds of developers and executives at the event as an introduction of Tencent Cloud's gaming capabilities and services ahead of the G-STAR 2018 exhibition, also held in Busan.

"Tencent considers Korea an important market, with its advanced and highly competitive game sector", said Dao Feng, Vice President of Tencent Cloud, "Tencent Cloud is committed to providing leading cloud services, enriched by its gaming know-how, for game developers and publishers in Korean and worldwide."

In line with the exhibition's theme, Connecting Players Around the World, the Tencent Cloud Korea Conference featured a wide range of capabilities and case studies to highlight its worldwide services, including Tencent Cloud's global infrastructure, its network optimization, Internet information security protection, service interfaces and its Global Application Accelerate Platform (GAAP) developed to address common challenges on latency and network lag for game companies.

Tencent also introduced the experience in developing and operating its game business, including the breadth of its gaming ecosystem and its key capabilities in gaming solutions as supported by Tencent Cloud. Tencent Cloud's global network of high-speed interconnection covers the vast majority of players around the world and provides 24x7 Full Path Control customer service.

Experts from Tencent Cloud gave in-depth introductions on key priorities for games, including reliable cloud migration solutions that enable seamless migration between servers, object-based storage, database, big data and other Tencent Cloud solutions.

The conference showcased Tencent Cloud's strength in boosting the global expansion of its game business and international game companies. Tencent Cloud aims to enhance its customer and partner network in the global market.

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