WeChat Teams Up with Google, Game Closure and Overseas Developers to Expand Mini Games Ecosystem

November 20, 2018
WeChat Mini Games
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SAN FRANCISCO -- As a mobile app with over 1 billion active users, WeChat has become one of the world's biggest social networks, integrating wide-ranging features from social media and news to local services and payment. With such a large user base, WeChat has immense potential in social media commercialization.

  • WeChat Mini Games intrigues overseas developer community

WeChat unveiled Mini Games' achievements to the industry at yesterday's WeChat Mini Games Developers Conference in San Francisco. The WeChat Mini Games platform, which has grown to over 300 million users, has seen many successful Mini Games, including two which were showcased at the conference: Wegoing and Tencent Billiards. Wegoing boasted over 100 million registered users, while Tencent Billiards achieved a daily transaction volume of over 10 million RMB and 30-day user retention rate of 40%. Additionally, WeChat detailed at the conference how it helps provide ways for traffic monetization through in-game item purchases and advertising. Game developers were excited to hear that they receive 100% of monthly in-game transaction volume up to 500,000 RMB and 60% of any remaining amount over 500,000 RMB. Besides this, game developers can pocket up to 50% of in-game advertising revenue. The immense commercial potential of WeChat makes these revenue distribution rates highly attractive. As for developers, the focus of future development will be how to integrate WeChat's unique capabilities to create fun gameplay for users.

  • Top-notch producers lead the way on the trending WeChat Mini Games platform
WeChat Mini Games
The success of two overseas producers raises confidence for more developers to race into WeChat Mini Games

Some overseas industry giants have already joined the Mini Games ecosystem with their own creations: Google's Guess My Sketch and Game Closure's Linsane Hoops. Both Mini Games have left a big impression on the Mini Games community. Google's "Guess My Sketch" is characterized by its simple, creative gameplay and interactivity with friends that sparked popularity among users. Game Closure's "Linsane Hoops" attracted players with an excellent friends-versus feature, optimizing competition with WeChat friends in a quick and interesting way. It's evident that WeChat's unique features were considered during development, helping make these Mini Games so popular. The success of these two overseas developers provides both a reference and source of encouragement for developers who want to try their hand at WeChat Mini Games.

With the end of the conference, WeChat Mini Games marches towards the future with more and more overseas developers joining in. Together with developers, WeChat will continue to strive for growth and new possibilities of the Mini Games ecosystem.