YEAH Asia League Presents: “Welcome to Mobile Legends” Online Tournament” (Malaysia) SUCCESSFULLY HELD ON February 29, 2020 (Saturday)

March 03, 2020
Mobile Legends

Yes! E-Sports Asia Holdings Limited (“YEAH” or the “Company”), an Asian E-Sports tournament hub pioneer and a proprietary "E-Sport + " platform, has successfully held its first “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” (MLBB) online tournament “Welcome to Mobile Legends” in Malaysia on February 29, 2020 (Saturday).

Given the extensive evolution in the e-sports industry in the past decade, YEAH is dedicated to further promote our long-term goal of building a sustainable and dynamic esports ecosystem.  In addition to raising the awareness of the public, YEAH is dedicated to organize different types of activities, so that global players from all over the world will have more opportunities to exhibit their skills and talents through our online tournaments.  It is YEAH’s vision to promote the global e-sports market and plans to hold more online and offline e-sports related events and tournaments of different games.  Based on the traditional thinking that only PC and console gaming are regarded as esports gaming, we predict that mobile games such as PUBG Mobile and MLBB will gradually be at the forefront of e-sports.

YEAH successfully initiated a series of PUBG Mobile online tournaments in 2019 and covered different places in Asia such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar, India as well as Malaysia, bringing together gamers across the region to compete and gained experiences.  While the PUBG Mobile online tournaments are still on-going in other Asian countries, the remarkable response of our previous PUBG Mobile online tournaments led us to expanding our online tournaments offerings to another mobile game – MLBB.  YEAH hopes to cover even more countries with online mobile game tournaments in the remaining year so that more and more players could participate in the excitement of different mobile games.  Similar with YEAH’s PUBG Mobile online tournaments, the winning teams of the MLBB online tournaments might be given the opportunity to travel to other parts of Asia depending where the FINAL tournament will be held.

Mobile Legends

YEAH’s MLBB online tournament officially commenced on 29 February 2020 in Malaysia, and tournaments in other regions would be held in March this year.  The Malaysian MLBB tournament had a total of 32 teams representing Malaysia to make up the field of competition for this tournament.  This tournament began from 10am in the morning to 10pm at night, online viewers cheered for their favourite teams to be the final winners on YEAH’s Facebook Page, Twitch and YouTube.  As we kick-started our first online MLBB Mobile tournament this time, we have successfully attracted 1,490,381 online reach across our platforms.  After a full day of competitive tournaments, the top four teams from Malaysia are identified. “Hawk” took the Champion in Malaysia, with “GVS”, “GODZ TEMPEST” and “MVSLIM PEACE” also successfully won the first, second and third runner-up in the local Malaysian tournament respectively!


Furthermore, we were honoured to have invited local Malaysian caster Aduka for our Malaysian online tournament.  The playoffs were conducted in Malay while Aduka provided great commentary and the audiences were uplifted and highly engaged during the streaming sessions of the online tournaments.  The winners of each tournament may have the chances to join our YEAH Asia League final tournament 2020 and to showcase their skills and strategies on this MLBB’s big stage provided by YEAH.  YEAH hopes that each of the winning teams in YEAH’s local tournaments would be able to bring their winning momentum onto the stage of YEAH’s final tournament.  Meanwhile, the next local online qualifiers in other countries will be coming soon.

Please stay tuned with us for further updates of each MLBB local qualifiers and the final tournament!

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About Yes! E-Sports Asia Holdings Limited (“YEAH”)

Yes! E-Sports Asia Holdings Limited (“YEAH” or the “Company”), is an Asian E-Sports pioneer with a global perspective.  Its YEAH Asia League (the “League”) - a Pan-Asia E-Sports Leader Development Initiative which kick started in 2019 is now expanding into different continents such as Europe, Middle East, Australia and the Americas.  YEAH has developed a series of E-Sports activities such as tournaments, workshops, seminars and webinars around the world, with the aim to promote E-Sports, to recruit talented players and properly groom and develop their gaming abilities to becoming professional gamers.

Established in October 2018, YEAH is 60% owned by Capital Creation (BVI) Limited (“CCBVI”), owner of Pan Asian O2O platform Yes Master! which was co-founded by Mr Timothy Shen and Ms Vivien Lai, and 40% by NGCH Hong Kong Limited ("NGCHHK”), a wholly owned subsidiary of the NIRAKU GC HOLDINGS, INC. (Hong Kong stock code: 1245), a leading entertainment and F&B operator in Japan. YEAH aims to provide a horizontal e-sports platform, to encourage gamers, coaches, managers, casters, marketers, spectators and other stakeholders to exchange through our comprehensive eco-system.

In the mere 12 months since its inception, YEAH has successfully created and implemented a proprietary "e-sports + " platform, to ride on the rapidly expanding e-sports market worldwide.  Over 70 events have been successfully held across Asia and Europe in 2019, featuring online and offline tournaments, roadshows (experience days), seminars, forums, webinars, workshops, academy camps, exchanges, beauty pageants, cosplay contests and music festivals.  The series of events attracted over 15 million social media impressions and 10 million online and offline reach – which included participants such as gamers, coaches, casters, KOLs, university tutors and professors, spectators and fans.

Our footprint now covers Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bahrain, United Arabs of Emirates, India, Turkey, Israel, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Canada and Brazil markets etc., with the vision to expand into even more countries in the near future.