Chinese sportswear brand Peak Sport unveils high-tech smart material and sneaker PEAK-TAICHI

December 13, 2018
Peak Sport - PEAK-TAICHI
Product launch conference of PEAK-TAICHI 1.0

BEIJING -- Leading Chinese sportswear brand Peak Sport Products Co., Limited ("Peak Sport") recently launched a brand new, innovative, high-tech material, PEAK-TAICHI, as well as TAICHI 1.0, the first adaptive smart running shoe based on PEAK-TAICHI. The new product has received a lot of attention from industry watchers across the country's sportswear sector.

PEAK-TAICHI, a new midsole material jointly developed by Peak Sport and China's top scientists specializing in smart polymer materials, enables the running shoe to adjust its contour and other functionalities based on  the movements of the wearer, providing an optimum experience in terms of comfort. With full ownership of the associated intellectual property, Peak Sport plans to launch more PEAK-TAICHI-based sports products, including footwear, high-performance sports underwear and safety protectors.

Li Feng, an expert in intelligent molecular research at Peak Sport, said that PEAK-TAICHI is made of P4U, a smart polymer material that can react to environmental stress. Under normal conditions, the material is soft to the touch, however, can become athletically firm on impact yet return to a comfortable soft state once the external force disappears. He added: "The polymer material represents China's breakthrough in the sector. PEAK-TAICHI, a gel material able to adjust its properties based on changes in the wearer's movements, distinguishes itself from similar materials due to its unique dynamic performance."

Peak Sport CEO Xu Zhihua said during the product launch conference: "From the roll out of the world's leading 3D printed sporting product to the PEAK-TAICHI, Peak is committed to becoming a leading innovative Chinese sports brand and to introducing new products to global markets."


Source : Peak Sport Products Co., Limited