Cisco CCNP R&S Certification – The Ultimate PrepAway Guide

May 26, 2019

With the advent of the new technology, numerous IT skills are in higher demand than ever before. Networking skills, for example, are a critical aspect of the modern IT industry. It is therefore unsurprising that networking is ranked as the fourth most important investment area for IT professionals. And when it comes to networking, no company does this better than Cisco. This article provides vital information aboutone of the most important Cisco credentials – CCNP Routing and Switching. We hope that this material will help you make an informed decision regarding your certification needs.

An Overview of the Cisco Certifications

So, what exactly is the CCNP R&S certification? Well, tobeginwith, it should be mentioned that the Cisco certifications are offered in up to five levels. As a result, you can always choose a certification based on your level of expertise. TheCisco certifications include entry,associate,professional, expert, andarchitect levels. The CCNP R&S certificationfalls under the professional-level Cisco credentials.

CCNP R&S Certification Overview

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching certification verifies your knowledge and skills regarding the planning,implementation,verification, and troubleshooting local and wide-area networks. Also, it confirms your ability to work in collaboration with other IT specialists on advanced wireless,security,voice,and video solutions. The CCNP R&S certification best suits individuals with a minimum of one year of networking experience who are looking to enhancetheir knowledge and skills to offer complex networking solutions.

Attaining this certification, therefore, acts as a stepping stone towards serving in various IT roles such as network technician, systemsengineer, supportengineer, anda network engineer to mention just a few.

What Are the Prerequisites?

For the CCNP R&S certification, any valid Cisco CCIE or CCNA Routing and Switching certification can act as a prerequisite.

Benefits of the CCNP R&S Certification

Many professionals will attest that earning the Cisco CCNP R&Scredential has measurable rewards. It’s even more satisfying for established professionals who are already working with Cisco products and technologies. Here are a few benefits of this marvelous credential.

Higher Income Potential

It's beyond doubt that many employers tend to hire certified individuals. Apparently, high salaries are also awarded based on several factors, and one of them is the possession of the relevant certifications.

You definitely want a career that guarantees measurable financial rewardsand justifies your initial investments.Right? Now, imagine earning in excess of $90 000 a year by simply empowering your career growth with the CCNP R&S certification.

Global Recognition

There could be no better way to earn a universal recognition than getting a credential from a globally recognized IT vendor. Cisco needs no introduction. The company has provedits ability to providethe candidates with great networking skills, and your investment will surely pay offin due course. The Cisco CCNP R&S certification not only demonstrates your advanced routing and switching knowledge but it is also tailored to suit the industry requirements.

Stepping Stone Towards Earning Top Cisco Certifications

Every IT professional is a dreamer. And a common dream among all the specialists is to earn the prestigious expert-level credential. Earning CCNP R&S acts as a stepping stone towards attaining highly covetable Cisco certifications such as globally respected CCIE.

How to Become CCNP R&S Certified

With all said and done, obtaining any CCNP R&S certification will never happen overnight. Infact, attaining this certification requires the actual burning of the midnight oil. To become certified, you will have topass the three required tests. These include 300-135TSHOOT,300-115 SWITCH, and 300-101 ROUTE.

More comprehensive coverage of these exams is coming shortly, but before that, it’s worth mentioning that each of the three exams costs $300 per attempt. So, you should strive to pass your testson the first try.

300-105 TSHOOT

As its name suggests, thisexam is exclusively centered on testing your troubleshooting skills. It presents 15-25 questions which need to be answered in 120minutes. This exam assumes that you have the relevant knowledge and skills to plan and perform day-to-day maintenance of routed and switched networks within an enterprise environment.

300-115 SWITCH

Unlike 300-105 TSHOOT, 300-115 SWITCH is focused on switching technologies. As such, youwill need to demonstrate your ability to plan, verify, configure, and implement advanced switching solutions. This exam has a 120-minute duration and presents 30-40 questions.

300-101 ROUTE

300-101 ROUTE test is solely focused on routing technologies. It tests your knowledge of a wide range of topics such as progressive IP routing and addressing used in the implementation of scalable Cisco routers that are connected to WANs, LANs,and IPv6.You’ll definitely have to understand how to configure routing solutions to crack this exam at your first attempt. Cisco 300-101 ROUTE test has a 120-minute duration andincludes 45-65 questions.

Recommended Training

Cisco recommends that all the aspiring candidates should enroll in three recommended courses before looking to schedule their exams. These include Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE), Implementing Cisco Switched Networks (SWITCH), and Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT).

Exam Preparation: PrepAway

With such a wide range of concepts involved, it’s imperative to prepare adequately for your CCNP R&S certification exam. Passing it on the first try can appear impossible. But the good news is that different training materials are readily available online to ace your exam preparation. And the PrepAway website is a great starting point for your preparation.

Considering the nature of CCNP R&S certification exam, you will definitely need dependable training materials to prepare adequately. This is exactly what PrepAway has to offer. From valid and updated exam dumps to ETE software and practice test questions, the choice for the best study material is largely a personal decision.

That aside,Cisco also features a variety of study options to aid your preparation. Cisco’s e-learning platform, for instance, has been the people’s favoritefor a long time nowowing to the flexibility it offers during the learning sessions.Other options include classroom training, official practice test questions, study groups, IT training videos, and seminars.


Like other professional Cisco credentials, the CCNP R&S certification is valid for three years. As a result, youshouldrecertify your skills once this period elapses. You can extend the validity of your CCNP R&S by earning an expert-level certification such as CCIE R&S.

Bottom Line

In summary, thenetworking platform is clearly a goldmine for many IT professionals. If you possess the relevantskills, then there is certainly a wide range of opportunities for career growth and higher salaries. Improving IT skills will definitely benefit all professionals, so it’s time to turnthose dreams into reality.Hopefully,the PrepAway website will be enough to help you get started on the right foot.