DUOLAB Unveils a Groundbreaking Personalised Facecare Solution

February 11, 2020
Groupe L'Occitane

GENEVA and LONDON -- L'OCCITANE Group's disruptive new beauty startup, DUOLAB, introduces a revolutionary new facecare system, which breaks the beauty mould and presents a new approach to facecare: skin responsive care. The DUOLAB system, comprising a sophisticated app and counter-top device, harnesses AI technology to adapt to the skin's constantly changing needs, producing tailored, natural, preservative-free facecare formulas, freshly blended and on demand. This skincare solution puts DUOLAB at the forefront of tomorrow's cosmetics industry and has the potential to be scaled up across the L'OCCITANE Group's brand portfolio and beyond.

Using the DUOLAB app and a unique skin diagnostic tool, DUOLAB assesses the user's skin profile and skin priorities with two state-of-the-art forms of AI to both pre-empt skin's needs and respond to its changing environment. It generates a personalised care programme with clinically proven capsule combinations based on three moisturising bases and five active concentrates. The user simply loads the prescribed combination into the device and a patented emulsification process delivers a freshly blended monodose in 90 seconds. DUOLAB's thermo-cosmetic technology warms the cream to the skin's natural temperature, for a more effective absorption of the active ingredients.

The DUOLAB formulas, which are scientifically proven and have been tested on over 1,300 women, contain powerful active botanicals. The formulas are completely free from preservatives and as such are microbiome-friendly. They are preserved in sterile, airtight capsules and therefore maintain their absolute safety and purity for at least three years. Furthermore, the formulas are free from silicone, mineral oil derivatives, synthetic fragrances and colorants.

Customers can either buy their capsules on the go or via a monthly subscription to have them delivered straight to their door. To ensure that used capsules are disposed of properly, DUOLAB has created a dedicated collection and recycling scheme in partnership with TerraCycle®. In exchange for a reward of loyalty points, customers can simply send their empties back to DUOLAB in the prepaid envelope provided with every purchase or drop them off at any L'OCCITANE boutique in the UK.

DUOLAB is available at www.duolab.com and selected L'OCCITANE boutiques in the UK and Ireland, with availability to be extended to Asia before the end of the year. Device £250; single capsules £1.25, with a 20% discount on a monthly 'day & night' bundle (£112) and a 14% discount on monthly 'day' or 'night' bundles (£60).

For more information, please visit www.duolab.com

Source : L’OCCITANE Group

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