Factors That Affect The Traffic Of Your Website

April 18, 2019
Search Engine Reports

There can be many causes that affect the traffic you are receiving positively and negatively. Today if you aren’t receiving traffic on a webpage that means there is no way you can climb the ladder of the ranking system. There are many ways to get traffic for a website but choosing the right one should be your decision because the wrong one doesn’t last long because when Google crawlers find out, your site will either be penalized or de-ranked. Let’s see what affects the website’s aspects the most.

Delay In Webpage Loading

This alone can be the reason to lessen the surfers or visitors of your site, one of the main one is images with high resolution. When you have such pictures posted on the site, there is no doubt that the page will take longer than usual to load. A one second delay in a website cannot only decrease traffic but can affect the number of regular users as well. Images do play a vital role in achieving a good rank in the search engine results page and also to help visitors better understand the topic. This is the reason why you need pictures on your site with low size so that browsers don’t take much time in downloading and viewing them.
The second reason is the compression of files which is the most important of all. All the browsers today come with a GZIP decompression enabled. This will not only affect the loading speed of a page but will save you a lot of bandwidth as well. GZIP compressions purpose is to decompress the files present on the server so whenever somebody tries to reach your website their browser will download a compressed version of data which will be decompressed quickly upon receiving to let you view the page instantly. As you know the surfing and downloading speed of internet is different which is why browsers don’t take much time to download and view a GZIP compressed version of files.

No Interlinking And Breadcrumbs

If you own a website and you let someone develop it for you then make sure to add some interlinking time to time, because if the site contains long tail keywords, then you should revolve the content around your site on different web pages which includes similar articles. So, that the visitor can stay on the site longer and come back for more. If there aren’t any internal links, then there’s a fifty percent chance that the visitor will leave your website without exploring the rest of the pages. The other thing is breadcrumbs which are to provide convenience to the visitor so that he doesn’t have to move to different web pages to find the remaining content.

The Content Of Your Website

The content of the website is what makes a site attract visitors because today's searches are based on the structure of the content, not the keywords. Search engines don’t try to match the exact keywords you throw at it, what it does is, finds similarities in the content indexed on its servers.
So, who so ever writes the content shouldn’t make the content look boring or annoying. If you are writing an article on a page, then it shouldn’t exceed a thousand or fifteen hundred words although the content can revolve around pages if exceeds because if it isn’t appealing, you might not get the targeted number of visitors. Today’s text editors I have noticed aren’t counting the words correctly which is why it is recommended you should use a letter count online for these purposes. You cannot sometimes find the correct number of characters present in the article as well especially when you are going to use it for a game description.

External Linking

Now, you know the importance of internal linking, but external links play a critical role in ranking of a webpage or a website as well. Web pages that include external links when crawled by Googlebot allow them to verify the authenticity and importance of the content present on the page. When bots see that the linked page has an excellent rank, then it means this page of the site contains quality content so it should be ranked. Due to these external links, there is an increase in visitors because the content is either similar to those links or contains another version of it.

Regular Updates

If you don’t modernize the content, then you will soon notice that the site starts disappearing from the search engine results page. The reason is your competitors, they will keep on updating their sites content to remove the competition, so if you don’t want that to happen then try staying in the league by updating articles, images, videos. Your sitemap will inform Googlebot that you are reconditioning the content of the site regularly; thus, it will either rank it up or keep you where you are but won’t lessen its rank.

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