Most Useful Tips for writing an essay in a hurry

May 30, 2020
Essay writing tips

As humans, we are prone to procrastination in life and it is the same with essay writing. Most of us find ourselves staring at deadlines and swamped with unfinished essays. In a situation like that, having the skills to write an essay fast is important. Here are the best tips one can use to improve their essay writing speed.

●   Write All Your Ideas on Paper

To write your essay faster, you need to have an understanding of the assignment you are working on. The awareness is helpful in the actual writing and researching the topic. By creating an outline, you can list all the topics you intend to target and in what order. Your research intensity will be based on the listed topics and the importance they have on the outlook of the overall essay. Of course, you pay to write your essays to companies but creating your own outline will help you revisit the essay to check if you have abided by the instructions provided.

●   Choose a Topic and Research It

After understanding what the paper requires, you can proceed and conduct the needed research. Doing the research is a contributor to the amount of time you will take to write the essay. Researching is instrumental however, one can get caught up in it and take more time than they intended. Research is a tedious process and it can provide an individual with the perfect chance to procrastinate and lose the motivation to write an essay. You need to understand that the research is only a tool to guide you in completing the essay. The best way to avoid procrastination is by setting a time limit on the research. If you fail to do enough research, you can always do more research while you write the essay or lookup related essay samples.

●   Work out a Plan and Start

The importance of creating an outline is manifested in this stage of essay writing. An outline becomes the guideline for your plan on how to tackle the essay. There are different ways you can approach essay writing such as starting with the body and finishing with the introduction and conclusion. This can also go either way where the writer might opt to begin with the introduction. If you are wondering how to write a good essay fast? Consider taking the time to create a plan before writing. The plan will ensure that you write fast and the points discussed in the essay flow in a way that makes sense to the reader.

●   Avoid Social medias

Finding the motivation to write an essay is challenging and a student can often ask, “how do I force myself to write an essay?” The simple answer is to avoid distractions around you. Social media is one of the biggest distractions that will lower your motivation to study or write an essay. Here are ways on how to write an essay fast by minimizing the influence of social media during study time for an individual.


1. Turn off alerts.

The ringing and vibration of alerts by themselves are distracting. It is also difficult to ignore posts or messages from a social media account you are interested in. Therefore, turning off the alerts will enable you to concentrate on writing the essay.


2. Setting a schedule.

A well-crafted schedule will make time for everything you need to do. This includes having a time set to interact on social media.


3. Use apps to discourage you.

If you find yourself unable to control your social media usage, there apps like the sense that can help you monitor and restrict your usage.

●    Plagiarism is not what you need

Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty that will tarnish the credibility of your essay. A lot of students involved in this cheating due to laziness and questions such as, “how do you write a last-minute essay? Combine this with being disinterested, the student will result in taking the research conducted and transfer it to the essay word for word. Combating laziness and being interested in the topic enables one to have another perspective which will make the essay original. Also, consider using software such as Grammarly to get rid of plagiarized content in the essay.

●    Proofread and edit

Proofreading is important to polish the essay and get rid of punctuation errors. One is advised to proofread and draft the essay separately. This is because proofreading can take time and therefore should be done at the end of the writing process. Editing is also a last-minute organization of the essay. recommends taking this step seriously to achieve good essays.

Essay writing tip

Writing an essay is a challenging process in its own right. Most people hate the possibility of having to write an essay especially if a career or study is involved. However, there is a way that writing essays can be fast and sun. Understanding the skills above will improve your essay writing skills and with enough practice, essay writing will become a walk in the park.