Without Screen, The Future Is Coming!

October 17, 2018
Northgate Technologies, Inc. - DseeLab

Dsee.Lab holographic products are produced by Nanjing Dsee.Lab Digital Technology Ltd. Founded in 2016, Dseelab, a company focusing on Autostereoscopy and creative visual effects design, is the first one in China that successfully develops the holographic screen. It’s also an important member of Starting Nanjing High-level Talents Program and incubation project of Jiangsu Technology hall. In Sep. 2017, Dsee.Lab obtained almost 10 million RMB of angel investment, and its products are being reported by many Chinese mainstream media, e.g. CCTV news, People.cn, and The Paper.cn. Dsee.Lab is on track to high-speed development, adhering to the concept of changing visual effects through innovation.



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